Stove Top Cover - Noodle Board

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Our Handmade kitchen stove top covers make for a great gift. Every piece is handcrafted and painted or stained by hand to make sure that every noodle board is transformed into a unique piece of artwork using our luxurious wood stains, and can be personalized to your liking.

These custom hand-stained noodle boards make for a great wedding gift, anniversary gift, newlyweds gift, engagement gift, or housewarming gift. This is a memorable piece that will be used for years and years to come.

**Standard stove cover size is 22” inches deep and 30” inches wide. If you have a custom size please reach out to me before ordering.

***We sand our wood, stain, and apply polyuterine coat then we apply Oracle 651 Permanent Vinyl design then We include felt bottoms to the covers to protect your stove please make sure to place your noodle board once the stove is completely cooled down.

*Stove tops are NOT fireproof, please allow burners to cool completely before placing stove top on the stove

30"x22" (Standard stove, pictured)
40"x22" (Wide/commercial stove)
21"x20" (Camper)
20"x14" (Serving Tray)

Turn Around Time = 1- 2 Weeks